European Contemporary Geometric Art Tendencies

26 June – 28 July 2019, Bratislava

The central part of the exhibition project featuring artists from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia is shown in the Umelka Gallery in Bratislava, and further exhibitions are planned to open in the Gallery Z, Gallery of the French Institute, Gallery of the Polish Institute, Gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

The partners and co-organizers of the event are the Slovak Arts Council, Bratislava Old Town Council, the Slovak Union of Visual Art, participating galleries and foreign cultural institutes, including the French Institute, the Hungarian Cultural Institute, the Polish Institute, the Austrian Cultural Forum as well as some embassies, partner institutions and foreign organizations.


-  The organizer and main curator of the event is Viktor Hulík.

The main objective of the organisers of this event is to present the widest range of possibilities explored in concrete and geometric art. Geometric abstraction represents one principle and an infinite number of creative possibilities. Over the past century, geometric abstraction went through interesting developments reflected in the works of artists, unique mutations, diverse syntheses and opposing forces, formal and philosophical reverberations. Even today, many artists enhance its development in new dimensions. This form of fine art has a rich tradition in many European countries.

This exhibition is showcasing a broad spectrum of generations ranging from renowned artists to the youngest protagonists. The international cooperation opens up opportunities for a deeper appreciation of other cultures through the universal medium of art.

Moire01, Kinetic Grids, 2019

Metal grid on canvas, 50x50x20 cm​


Helga Philipp

Viktor Hulík

Rita Ernst

Koji Kamoji

Ryszard Winiarski

Peter Roller

Barbara Höller

John Saxon Saxon

Eduard Ovcácek

Ingo Nussbaumer

Marcin Berdyszak

Adam Szentpetery

Jerzy Kalucki

Brown Benedek

Marian Drugda

Balázs Stefan

Stefan Gierowski

Zbyněk Janáček

Gabi Mitterer

Pavel Hayek

Roger Vilder

Oleg Fintora

Jan Berdyszak

Christine Boiry

André van Lier

David Carsky

Roland de Jong Orlando

Jan Tarasin

Zsuzsanna Korodi

Katarina Balúnová

György Gàspar

Alexander Drakulic

Beti Bricelj

Vladimir Sedláková

Mark Starel

Joanna Zak

Jerzy Grabowski

Jan Duds

Gerda Kruimer

Przemyslaw Suliga

Marco Goldenbeld

Anne Rose Regenboog

Marianne Weber

Francesco Camponovo

Jarda Jebavy

David Hocko

Jakub Matys

Konrad Hajdamowicz